Weed Love To Help You

It's 2020 and someone you know is benefiting from Cannabis. Instead of keeping this plant a secret, we'll teach you the basics to get you started in generational wellness + wealth. Knowledge is power and we encourage you to be your most powerful self.

  • Guided with love by a Cannabis Educator + Self Wellness Explorer.

  • Take this class wherever and whenever you feel like it. Don't worry we won't tell anyone you're learning about pot.

  • End of class downloadable resources and next steps, ready when you are.

Watch Intro Video


Class Outline (~40 mins)

We'll get you started with the building blocks. What is it, how have we used it, the real history and what's happening now. Then we'll close with some resources to explore. Easy Peasy.

  • 1

    Before We Get Started

    • Welcome!

    • Real quick, how'd you get here?

    • Let's Begin.

    • GreenThumbEdu is Educational.

  • 2

    What is Cannabis?

    • It's a plant, friends.

  • 3

    How Have We Used It?

    • How haven't we used Cannabis?

  • 4

    Our History With The Plant.

    • History, abbreviated.

  • 5

    Why now? Benefits.

    • Everyone's sharing their healing stories

  • 6

    The Future is Green.

    • And now is the time.

    • Pop Quiz!

  • 7

    You Did It, Thank You!

    • Cannabis Basics Completed

    • Next Steps / Action Items

We're a Schoolhouse,

not a Doctor.

DISCLAIMER* GreenThumbEdu is designed to educate, entertain, inform, and share anecdotal stories — not provide medical advice. If considering Cannabis as medicine or starting any wellness treatment, always consult your doctor first.